Why Are People Flocking to Remote Work?

Updated: Jan 31

Are you one of the many people contemplating the switch to remote work?

Maybe this will push you over the edge...

Quit your 9 to 5 and join this new digital world of remote work. If you've already stepped out into the brave new world of remote work, then welcome! You're a part worker in a growing shift that has been taking off as of late. People are flocking to remote work in groves.

The #1 Reason Why Remote Work is Gaining Steam.

But why? If you're looking for the magic reason, the singular cause, then you won't find it here. There is no one reason that can explain, or even touch upon, what people see as a fundamental shift in how we do our jobs and conduct our business; because there is more than one reason. It seems as though this trend toward remote work is part of a trend toward greater connectivity and an advancement in how we access our jobs, but the truth of the matter is you'll find that it's not quite that simple.

When you look at any movement throughout history there are always multiple factors that contribute to what eventually plays out. For example, you can't just look at an earthquake to see if it was natural or manmade. You have to look at the forces that push and pull against each other in order to see their combined effect. The same goes for remote work. There are many factors that play into this remote shift, which is why there won't be a 'magic bullet' answer to this question.

Why People Ultimately Make The Shift

However, what you can do is look at different aspects of remote work and see how people are flocking to it. We've identified 4 possible reasons why someone may choose to take on remote work: freedom, financial stability/savings, the chance to experience the world and find your passion, and/or working for companies that understand the importance of remote work.


Freedom is one factor that plays into remote work rather nicely. From having freedom to choose your schedule to freedom in where you want to live (despite possible financial implications), remote work allows all of this and more. When it comes down to it, people are looking for the freedom to work how they want, where they want.

Financial Stability

Financial stability also plays into remote work rather nicely. People are looking for ways to save money, grow their savings, and earn extra income. Remote work allows all of this and more with the added benefit of being able to experience things that would otherwise be out of reach. Whether it's traveling to a country where your currency just doesn't go as far, or living in that expensive neighborhood you've always wanted to call home, remote work opens up all sorts of doors.

Discovering Your Passion

Finding passion is another major reason why people are flocking to remote work. With so much information, distractions, and external factors vying for your attention it can be hard to focus on what you enjoy doing. When we work we spend much of our time trying to sell ourselves and our work, so naturally we go with what we think will bring us the most success and fortune. But when you remove all those distractions and external factors how do you know who you truly are and what you should be doing?

Remote work helps by giving you time and space to focus on what's important: your work. Whether it's something you've always had an interest in, or something new entirely remote work gives you the opportunity to get out there and find your passion.

Companies That Understand The Value of Going Remote

Companies that understand the importance of remote work is another reason why people are flocking to remote work. From communicating with clients and understanding their needs to simply working with your coworkers, remote work requires a special kind of company. Some companies get it; others don't (yet). But when you can find a company who understands and is willing to make the necessary adjustments, remote work automatically becomes even more attractive.

So there we have 4 possible reasons why people are flocking to remote work. Obviously this is not the end-all, be-all of reasons why someone would take on remote work; but these 4 reasons do provide some insight into how people are looking at their career paths and what they're hoping to find by taking on remote work.

And remember, if you're interested in learning how to work remotely as a software developer we've got the resources available to help you out. Just head over to our blog and find our latest posts on remote software development and how it works (it's pretty neat).

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So there we have it: working from home and remote work may be taking off, but there are some pretty good reasons why people are flocking to remote work! We'll see you later when we discuss why remote work may not be for you.

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